Fun and Games

On the Banks of Plum Creek

1.What is the word for a house built into the bank of a creek?
  A: a cabin
  B: a dugout
  C: a homestead

2.What kind of animal does Pa trade Pet and Patty for?
  A: oxen
  B: cows
  C: chickens

3.What do Mary and Laura make for Carrie for Christmas?
  A: a bracelet
  B: a necklace
  C: a ring

4.What is the name of the first girl Laura meets at school?
  A: Rose
  B: Eliza
  C: Christy

5.What is the teacher's name?
  A: Miss Eva Beadle
  B: Mr. Hanson
  C: Mrs. Tower

6.Who calls Laura and Mary "country girls"?
  A: Nellie Oleson
  B: Christie Kennedy
  C: Reverend Alden

7.What does Laura taste at Nellie's party for the first time?
  A: Hot chocolate
  B: Tea
  C: Lemonade

8.What is the "glittering cloud?"
  A: rain clouds
  B: grasshoppers
  C: cornfields

9.What special object does Ma make Laura give to Anna Nelson?
  A: her rag doll, Charlotte
  B: a bead necklace
  C: her hat

10.Where did Pa find shelter during the blizzard?
  A: in a neighbor's farm
  B: under a tree
  C: in a snowbank

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