Fun and Games

Little House in the Big Woods

1.What kind of dog is Jack?
  A: bulldog
  B: spaniel
  C: terrier

2.What is the name of Laura's corncob doll?
  A: Nettie
  B: Alice
  C: Susan

3.What is the name of the Ingallses' cat?
  A: Brown Peg
  B: Tabby Tom
  C: Black Susan

4.What does Ma use to color the butter in winter?
  A: a tomato
  B: a carrot
  C: a beet

5.Pa always says Laura is 'as strong as a little .....?'
  A: boy
  B: ox
  C: French horse

6.What is Laura's favorite Christmas gift?
  A: a rag doll
  B: a puppy
  C: a book

7.What ends up on the front of Grandpa's sled in the story Pa tells Mary and Laura?
  A: a chicken
  B: a pig
  C: a snowball

8.Who wins the jigging contest at the dance at Grandpa's?
  A: Grandpa
  B: Grandma
  C: Laura

9.What is the name of the town the Ingallses visit?
  A: Pepin
  B: Mansfield
  C: De Smet

10.What does the storekeeper in town give the girls as a treat?
  A: heart-shaped candies
  B: molasses
  C: popcorn

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