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  • Nickname: Lottie
    Birthday: May 25, 1809
    Birthplace: Roxbury, Massachusetts
    Parents: Lewis Tucker & Martha Morse Tucker
    Brothers & Sisters: Lewis, Lydia, Thomas, Mary
    Likes: Sunday dresses, apples, listening to stories and Scottish tales
    Dislikes: War

    Charlotte Tucker, who grew up to be Laura's grandmother, was born in the little town of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Within walking distance of Boston, Roxbury was one of the country's biggest cities at the time. Curious and kindhearted, Charlotte eagerly listened to stories about her parents' Scottish homeland and gladly helped in her mother's garden and her father's blacksmith shop.

    Charlotte was just a little girl when the War of 1812 began. War news filled the Tucker home, and Charlotte learned firsthand how sea battles and the British blockade of Boston Harbor could affect her life and the lives of her friends and neighbors. As a young woman, Charlotte married Henry Newton Quiner from Connecticut, and their quest for adventure led them to become pioneers. Charlotte was the first girl in her family to travel west, living in Ohio and Indiana before settling in the frontier town of Brookfield, Wisconsin.

    "You could eat laughter and drink music, and Charlotte thought that no matter how much of them she had, she never would feel too full."
    On Tide Mill Lane

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