Little House. Big Adventure.

Little House in the Highlands

1. What tasks do the Morse sisters do?
2. What tasks do Martha’s father and mother do?
3. Why does Martha’s sister Grisie carry a new baby to the church?
4. What kinds of animals do Martha’s family and the tenants of Glencaraid raise?
5. How did Martha get her dust-gown dirty on the day of Laird Alroch’s visit?
6. What kind of relationship does Martha’s family have with their servants and their tenants?
7. What does Cook do to make sure the brownie’s not upset?
8. Martha likes to hear Alisdair and Father talk about many subjects. What is her favorite place to hear about?
9. What does Auld Mary teach Martha to do?
10. Why was Martha so angry at Duncan on Hogmanay?